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Let’s make 3D printing work

Spark is an open platform for building better 3D printing software, hardware, materials and services.

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The Ember 3D Printer

The Ember 3D printer is now shipping

Ember's ultra-high resolution, streamlined printing experience and open design show what Spark Powered hardware can do.

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How Spark Works

How Spark Works: APIs & Cloud Services

Spark enables 3D software apps and services to better prepare, optimize and deliver 3D designs to any 3D printer or service bureau.

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Spark is open

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Want to develop the future of 3D printing? Early access to the Spark API will soon be available to a select group of beta users.

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Featured Spark Insights and Updates

The mechanical designs of Autodesk's Ember 3D printer are now available to freely view, download, inspect and modify. Read more
More and more schools are adopting 3D printing in order to help make abstract subjects more digestible to students and support alternative learning... Read more
Project Wire Quadcopter
Autodesk is developing Project Wire, a design tool for creating 3D printable electronic devices. We have partnered with Voxel8 to enable the... Read more