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Spark is the first open 3D printing software platform,
designed by Autodesk® to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.

Spark is connected


Spark connects digital information to 3D printers in a new and streamlined way, making it easier to visualize and optimize prints without trial and error, while broadening the range of materials used for printing.

Spark’s software platform for 3D printing is a positive step toward improving the interoperability of software, hardware and material suppliers.
~ Gartner


Spark is open


Because the Spark platform is open, everyone -- from hardware manufacturers, to app developers, to product designers -- can use its building blocks to push the limits of 3D printing and drive fresh innovation.

The open nature of the platform is undeniably one of the key interesting things about Spark.
~ Katie Collins, Wired


Spark is free


To encourage any and all members of the 3D printing industry to not only participate in Spark, but also to fuel it forward, Spark will be free to license.  Together, we can accelerate the new industrial revolution.

Autodesk has the opportunity to create an ecosystem around the Spark platform.
~ Al Hilwa, IDC


The Spark Investment Fund

The Spark Investment Fund raises the level of innovation and collaboration in the 3D printing industry by investing in entrepreneurs, startups, and researchers who push the boundaries of what is possible.

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