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Towards Sustainable ‘Biofriendly’ Materials for Additive Manufacturing (Part 3 of 3)

Though SLA’s underlying process has changed little over the years, 3D printing has begun to revolutionize modern manufacturing. Read more

Fixing 3D models with Spark’s Repair sample app

Many 3D models are printed with multiple defects, which are usually the result of faulty modelling. These flaws can also occur as a result of the software used to produce the STL file. Read more

Spark's Raphael Stargrove to present at AMUG 2016

On Tuesday, April 5, Spark's Materials Program Senior Product Manager will give a talk on "Designing for Additive Manufacturing" at the AMUG2016 conference. Read more

Sending print jobs to a printer from your app

This blog post introduces you to the Printer management sample app. Read more

New Advancements in 3D Printing to Improve Speed and Scale

Spark is driving innovation across the industry to unlock the potential for our customers to develop more advanced products, parts and components. Read more