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Spark's Raphael Stargrove to present at AMUG 2016

image of Raphael Stargrove and text that reads "Designing for AM at the intersection of Materials, Machine and Process"

Today, additive manufacturing is very good at solving the problems it's been solving for a long time. But what about the complex design challenges that will drive the industry's growth?  On Tuesday, April 5, Spark's Materials Program Senior Product Manager Raphael Stargrove will dive into these questions and look at potential solutions as part of his talk "Designing for Additive Manufacturing" at the annual AMUG conference in St. Louis. 

If you aren't making it AMUG, don't worry, we'll be sharing concepts from the talk here on the Spark blog after the event. 


Materials design and selection is a critical tool in product development, but with AM it’s not just materials that determine end part performance. Machine, material, software stack and process parameters interact in complex and sometimes unpredictable ways, impacting cost, performance and manufacturability. Given this complexity, how can a designer think about and choose the right manufacturing approach, and how can they do so early enough in the design process to allow true design for manufacturing?