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$100M to spur 3D printing innovation

3D printing has the promise to change manufacturing, elevating both what we create and how it’s created. Regretfully, the process can still be complex, expensive and often unreliable. To lower the barriers to entry for new 3D printing technologies, Autodesk is establishing industry standards and an open and accessible platform for all aspects of the 3D printing ecosystem: software, hardware, materials and services.

What is the Spark Investment Fund?

We believe that the new industrial revolution will not succeed on software alone. The days of taking a top-down approach to innovation in additive manufacturing are behind us. Autodesk established a $100m investment fund to support ideas that push the boundaries of 3D printing and nurture the companies that will bring new ideas to market. 

What are the fund's selection criteria?

  • Innovation – Can the idea solve any of the complex challenges facing additive manufacturing?
  • Management – Is leadership capable of delivering on the promise of their vision, from both a technological and business standpoint?
  • Impact – Will the company contribute to the overall growth of the 3D printing market?
  • Ecosystem – Is there potential for the unique use of the Spark development platform?

What types of investments do we make?

Advances in 3D printing are happening all around the world and in companies of all sizes. The Spark Investment Fund can partner with innovators at any investment stage seeking financing for ideas focused, but not limited to, the following areas:


Does your solution improve the precision, complexity, speed, cost and scale of what is possible with additive manufacturing?


Does your solution make 3D printing easier, more accessible, safe, or even more beautiful? Can it create something unimaginable without 3D printing?


Does your solution introduce a new material, improve the quality of existing materials, or combine materials in a new way?


Does your solution empower designers, enable product customization, or open up 3D printing to an entirely new market?

What value does Autodesk offer?

The Spark Investment Fund provides more than just capital. We team with startups to help grow their ideas into successful products and those products into successful businesses. Our portfolio companies can tap into Autodesk’s 33 years of business and technology resources, insight and experience. They also have access to Autodesk’s global network of innovators, executives and partners to build key industry relationships and secure initial reference customers. Our agenda is simple: build great companies that bring the promise of 3D printing and additive manufacturing one step closer to reality.

Does your company push the boundaries of 3D printing?

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