Choose a Service Provider

to Print Your 3D Model

These service providers are part of Spark, Autodesk's open 3D printing platform. After selecting one that best meets your needs, you will be taken to their website to register, upload your .STL file, receive a quote and order your 3D print(s).


The largest global 3D printing service and marketplace. Shapeways features automated printability checks, the latest industrial 3D printers and fast turnaround time to locations around the globe. Materials include: Strong and Flexible Plastic, Steel, Precious Plated Metals, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Castable Wax, Aluminum, Full Color Sandstone, Porcelain, 40+more.


The largest 3D printing service and marketplace in Asia. Rinkak ships globally. Materials include: Nylon, ABS-like, Acrylic, Full Color Sandstone, Ceramic, Stainless, Bronze, and Silver.

3D Hubs

A printing service that facilitates transactions between 3D printer owners and people that want to make 3D prints. 3D Hubs has a matching algorithm to suggest a material for your design and offers local pickup or global shipping. Material options include: General Purpose Plastics, Metals, Full Color Sandstone, High Detail Resin, Strong & Flexible Nylon, Simulated Polypropylene, Simulated ABS, Heat Resistant Plastic, and more.