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Towards Sustainable 'Biofriendly' Materials for Additive Manufacturing (Part 2 of 3)

Equipped with 11 bio-inspired design strategies borrowed from the natural world, the class spent the fall semester developing promising avenues for the development of high performance 3D printing... Read more

How Nature Makes Things: Relevant Bio-Inspired Approaches

Additive manufacturing shows great promise for making things in a way that more closely resembles natural form, but some of the below strategies are worth investigating to reduce or eliminate... Read more

Life-Changing Opportunities In 3D Bio-Printing

From teeth to hip joints, 3D printing has already begun creating buzz in the medical industry. New advancements create opportunities for new body parts, including 3D printable skin and organs Read more

3D Printing Electronics Leads To Advancements In Bionic Eye Prototypes

As 3D printing continues to evolve, breakthroughs in technology are leading to significant opportunities, particularly when it comes to medicine. Read more